Specialized Steering Dolly Division

Greg - Vessel 2The specialized steering dolly division provides service to the infrastructure, construction and manufacturing markets throughout Western Canada and North America. With our diverse inventory of steering trailers we can move long and overweight loads such as bridge girders, trusses and structural steel, as well as poles and pilings.

To compliment its existing equipment and clientele, Triton Transport Ltd. completed the purchase of the steering trailer fleet formerly belonging to Davey Cartage. The assets acquired improved and diversified our available services to new and existing customers. Further solidifying our position as a leader in heavy haul trucking throughout western Canada.

Previous projects have seen Triton move loads from Eastern Canada, and the US Gulf Coast; transporting loads from legal sizes and weight, up to 130′ long x 22′ wide x 24′ high and 185,000 lbs. And everything in between.

Triton’s commitment to owning and maintaining one of the industry’s most modern steering dolly fleets allows us to offer state-of-the-art transportation solutions that others can’t. Our fleet of modular, versatile trailers allows us to specifically tailor our equipment for your project, providing the most effective transportation configuration available.

With capacities ranging from legal to 100 ton, and the unique equipment to comply in any jurisdiction we operate in …. Triton’s steering trailer division has the right equipment for the job. If you have an upcoming shipment that we can help with please contact Ernie Robinson or Kieth Freeman.