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Why Heavy Truck Haul Takes a Specialized Company

With facilities in Canada, Triton Transport provides specialty transportation throughout North America. In addition to short mobile equipment moves between job sites, the firm has years of experience performing multi-load international heavy haul projects. Heavy haulers are often required to transport over-sized, overweight or over length equipment. Such specialized loads and equipment might include construction […]

What It Takes To Be A Heavy Haul Operator

Heavy haul operators are in charge of driving large loads around the country and are in demand more than ever before. The job description of a heavy haul operator might sound appealing to those who love the open road, like to drive big trucks and work independently. If this sounds like you, becoming a heavy […]


Oversize Load – What You Should Do When You See An Oversized Load On A Road Near You

Loads that might be considered oversize include trucks carrying construction machinery such as cranes, pre-built homes, containers, or construction elements like beams, generators or propellers. Before seeing an oversize load, you may see a car or 4-wheel drive vehicle ahead, which is called a pilot vehicle, an escort car or a flag car. Its role […]

Regular Light Maintenance

The Importance of Checking All Your Light Systems With Regular Light Maintenance Light systems are vitally important to the maintenance of every truck. Without properly functioning light systems you run the risk of getting into serious trouble on the road. If you are unable to see the environment around you due to faulty lights, you […]