What factors should you consider when selecting a large haul carrier?

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Large Haul Carrier

When you’re preparing to ship large and heavy equipment, they are many factors that you need to consider. We get asked these questions all the time, so we thought you would find it useful to know all that’s involved in our quoting process.

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Heavy Haul Trucking Companies ship items that don’t fit on standard flatbed trailers; this type of freight is commonly referred to as Over-Dimensional or Over-Weight. Large Hauls require special considerations due to transportation regulations on size and weight restrictions. Shipping bulldozers, cranes, tractors, or other heavy industrial or farm equipment requires a specialized hauler.

The first step in shipping heavy equipment is to have accurate dimensions and weight that you can provide to the transporter. These can help the transporter determine the type of trailer needed, and if any special considerations need to be made. You can consult your owner’s manual for more information regarding your equipment’s specific dimensions and weight.

Once you have the dimensions, you can then consider your various heavy equipment shipping options. Your equipment may be towed, shipped on a flatbed, or it may require a special trailer. We often fabricate special equipment to suite specific loads. If your cargo requires International shipping as well, then presents a whole new set of decisions as well. Carefully research your options and choose one that will work for you.


Your next step is selecting a transportation company. Heavy equipment hauling can be a difficult task, and it is vitally important to choose a company that specializes in heavy haul loads.

Working with an experienced broker can help take some of the guesswork out of the shipping process, while working directly with a business or an owner/operator can allow you to be more involved in the process and can often result in more personalized service.

Before the day of the move, you will need to prepare your equipment for transportation. Take steps to make sure that your equipment will arrive safely and is prepared for any adverse weather and road conditions it may encounter in transit. You might need to make special preparations for overweight or oversized equipment. Work with your service provider to acquire all necessary permits for the day of the move.

What is the value of the piece of equipment to your shipping? All legal carriers are required to have a certain amount of insurance, but you may need to purchase more in order to be properly protected. When purchasing heavy equipment freight insurance, make sure you know what your policy covers and how to make a claim should the need arise.

Shipping heavy equipment does not have to be such a heavy burden. A little research and preparation can go a long way toward ensuring a smooth, trouble free shipping experience. It is important to select a carrier that is experienced in heavy haul freight. Triton has been moving heavy haul freight for over 20 years. We move hundreds of loads every year, and know what it takes to get the job done right, on time every time! Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Triton is the safest and most secure way to ship.

From facilities in Chilliwack BC and Edmonton, AB Triton Transport’s heavy haul fleet operates throughout Canada and the continental United States.

At Triton we are proud to operate one of the industries most modern fleets giving us the ability to meet your specific needs by putting together a configuration of equipment to match any load. From the most eco-friendly tractors on the road to having a wide range of modular, versatile trailers Triton Transport is prepared for just about any load.

We combine our experienced, skilled and safe operators with a modern, versatile fleet of equipment so that we can provide the most competitive, efficient and safe transportation solutions in the market. Our over the highway heavy haul fleet is capable of providing transportation solutions from standard legal freight to 165,000lbs pay load and can also haul supported loads up to 80’ long.

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For loads beyond these parameters please contact our Project Management division .