Moving a 300ton Linkbelt to Colorado

In August of 2016 #teamtriton started a new project moving a 300 ton Linkbelt Crawler Crane from Pemberton, BC to Commerce City, CO. The challenge on this project was not the size or weights of the loads. The real problem was the location of the job site which was located north of Pemberton, BC. A remote, gravel, forest service road stretching over 50 miles.

The Loads:

The superstructure of the crane came in at 115,000 lbs and required a 10 axle double drop. With 8 step deck and 3 flat deck loads of counterweight and boom sections to go with it. The total weight of transported material exceeded 620,000 lbs.

The Challenge:

Disassembled and stored on the side of the forest service road is never where you want to hear your loads are!! But that’s where the Linkbelt was waiting. Meaning trucks were loading on an active forest service road that could only be closed for short periods of time throughout the day. There was no place to stage equipment after loading. Once loaded and out of the wilderness the much bigger challenge was — Move it and Deliver it in 7 days total from the start of loading. As the crane was required to be re-assembled and working in Colorado the following week.

The Solution:

Using our BC based local fleet who were familiar with the area, we positioned our trucks every morning in Pemberton, BC. Once there they were directed to site, as required, by the client each day. This ensured that unnecessary congestion and road issues were avoided from the very beginning.  The loads were brought back to our Chilliwack yard by the local fleet, where they were turned over to our North American Deck Division. (check them out here: The Deck Division managed the furtherance to Commerce City, CO. This was done to ensure that timelines were met, and the loads received in the correct order to accommodate our clients assembly needs.

The Result:

 All loads delivered on time and on budget, with one happy client.

We may not be the carrier for every object or every load, no carrier is. But when a project calls for a unique solution to meet your company’s needs, the team at Triton Transport are the ones to call. With the experience and diversity across all modes of transport our sales and project teams can handle just about anything thrown their way. No load and no project is too challenging to be solved.

Give one of our sales or project team members a call next time you have an opportunity, they can all be found here:


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