Two Lanes Wide

In the fall of 2020, Triton Transport added a 48 wheel dual lane trailer to its fleet. The new trailer increased our hauling capacity to 100 tons over throughout Canada and the United States. With an innovative suspension that allows it change width under load in a matter of minutes, and an extremely low tare weight, this beast is one of a kind.

It got off to a busy start hauling a 185,000lbs Screen from Houston, TX to northern Alberta. Loaded Dimensions of 145′ L x 18′ W x 17’9″ H – 315,000lbs gross. With 60 days of preplanning, and some cooperative weather, the trip was completed safely in 9 days. At Two Lanes Wide, that is quite the feat.

With this newest trailer addition, Triton Transport has added another innovative solution to our service profile. If you would like any additional information on Triton or its services, or have a specific sales request. Please reach out to Jared Bragg, or 778-255-3640.