Two Lanes Wide

In the fall of 2020, Triton Transport added a 48 wheel dual lane trailer to its fleet. The new trailer increased our hauling capacity to 100 tons over throughout Canada and the United States. With an innovative suspension that allows it change width under load in a matter of minutes, and an extremely low tare weight, this beast is one of a kind.

It got off to a busy start hauling a 185,000lbs Screen from Houston, TX to northern Alberta. Loaded Dimensions of 145′ L x 18′ W x 17’9″ H – 315,000lbs gross. With 60 days of preplanning, and some cooperative weather, the trip was completed safely in 9 days. At Two Lanes Wide, that is quite the feat.

With this newest trailer addition, Triton Transport has added another innovative solution to our service profile. If you would like any additional information on Triton or its services, or have a specific sales request. Please reach out to Jared Bragg, or 778-255-3640.

Trucking HR Canada Honours Triton Transport as a Top Fleet Employer of Distinction for the 5th Consecutive Year

Top Fleet Employers program honours 63 industry workplaces

Posted on April 9, 2019 – 10:43
OTTAWA, ON (April 9, 2019)— Sixty-three of the best workplaces in Canada’s trucking and logistics industry have earned honours through the 6th annual Top Fleet Employers program, Trucking HR Canada has announced.

All applicants were rated on topics including recruitment and retention practices, workplace culture, compensation, training and skills development, and innovative HR practices. Additionally, those who have been recognized in the program for a minimum of 5 years are honoured with the Top Fleet Employer of Distinction status.

The 2019 honours are awarded to the following (listed by number of years in the program):

5+ years – Top Fleet Employers of Distinction:

• Bison Transport (ON)
• Challenger Motor Freight (ON)
• Edge Transportation Services (SK)
• Erb Transport (ON)
• Home Hardware Stores Ltd. (ON)
• J.G. Drapeau (ON)
• Kindersley Transport (SK)
• Kriska Holdings Ltd. (ON)
• Liberty Linehaul (ON)
• Linamar Transportation (ON)
• Logikor (ON)
• Ryder Canada Supply Chain Solutions (ON)
• SLH Transport (ON)
• Transpro Freight Systems (ON)
• Triton Transport (BC)

4 years:

• Arnold Brothers Transport (MB)
• Brian Kurtz Trucking Ltd (ON)
• Canaan Shipping Co. Ltd. (BC)
• Canada Cartage (ON)
• J&R Hall Transport Inc. (ON)
• Joseph Haulage Canada (ON)
• Midland Transport (NB)
• Olymel – Transport Transbo (QC)
• Q-Line Trucking (SK)
• Rosedale Transport (ON)
• Steed Standard Transportation (ON)
• Sutco Contracting Limited (BC)
• Tandet (ON)
• Trailer Wizards (ON)
• Westcan Bulk Transport (AB)

3 years:

• Carmen Transportation (ON)
• Groupe Guilbault (QC)
• Harv Wilkening Transport Ltd (SK)
• JD Smith Supply Chain Solutions (ON)
• Munden Ventures (BC)
• National Shunt Service Ltd. (ON)
• One for Freight (ON)
• Onfreight Logistics (ON)
• Payne Transportation (MB)
• STG Fleet Services (SK)
• Woodcock Brothers Transportation Group (ON)
• XTL Transport (QC)

2 years:

• Arrow Transportation Systems (BC)
• Bandstra Transportation Systems (BC)
• Beyond Transportation (ON)
• Caron Transportation Systems (AB)
• Clarke Road Transport (NS)
• Coastal Pacific Xpress (BC)
• Fast Lane Freight Services (MB)
• Fortigo Freight Services (ON)
• Polaris Transport Carriers (ON)
• RST Sunbury Transport (NB)

This year we welcome:

• Alchemist Specialty Carriers (BC)
• Armour Transportation Systems (NB)
• Big Freight Systems (MB)
• Client Transport Inc. (ON)
• GX Transportation Solutions (ON)
• Highlight Motor Group (ON)
• Modern Landfill (ON)
• Spring Creek Carriers Inc. (ON)
• Titanium Transportation Group (ON)
• Trimac Transportation (AB)
• Versacold (BC)

“Our Top Fleet Employers are leaders in promoting a positive image of the trucking and logistics industry,” says Angela Splinter, Chief Executive Officer. “As the competition for skilled workers continues to intensify, their consistently strong HR approaches will help position us an industry of choice.”
The Top Fleet Employer standards have been validated by trucking industry experts, and is reviewed annually to ensure an accurate reflection of human resources issues, trends, and today’s working environments. A newly created “Top Fleet Employers Council” provides strategic input to program policies and the Top Fleet Employers’ Awards assessment criteria.

The Top Fleet Employer Program is open to for hire, private fleets/fleet services of all sizes across Canada. Trucking HR Canada will proudly honour, celebrate and recognize the 2019 Top Fleet Employers at its annual Gala Awards Dinner being held on October 17th, 2019 at the Palais Royale in Toronto. Awards will be presented to the Top Fleet in each category (top small, medium, large and private fleet) along with Achievement of Excellence Awards in the following categories: Workplace Culture, Training & Skills Development, Workplace Diversity, HR Innovator, Employee Engagement and the two new Achievement of Excellence Awards will be presented for Workplace Mental Health and Women in the Workplace. The evening will cap off with the announcement of the prestigious HR Leader of the Year Award, presented by Reimer Associates.


Triton Transport is awarded “2016 Top Small Fleet” by Trucking HR Canada

Trucking HR Canada celebrates 2016’s Top Fleet Employers at gala event

TORONTO, ON (October 12, 2016) – Trucking HR Canada’s 3rd annual Top Fleet Employers program shined the spotlight on thirty-nine of the best workplaces in Canada’s trucking industry at their gala awards dinner this Wednesday.

Held at the Palais Royale in Toronto, several new awards were presented in front of a sold out crowd.  New awards included top private, small, medium, and large fleets.  And, in recognition of the important role human resource professionals play in the day-to-day management of successful fleets, the HR Leader of the Leader. All 2016 Top Fleet Employer honourees are recognized for having workplaces that embrace the best practices in human resources, and were presented with certificates.

Awards were presented to:

  • Top Private Fleet:  Home Hardware Stores Ltd.
  • Top Small Fleet:  Triton Transport
  • Top Medium Fleet:  Linamar Transportation
  • Top Large Fleet:  Westcan Bulk Transport
  • HR Leader of the Year:  Ken Cross, CHRL—SLH Transport Inc.

“Trucking HR Canada is proud to honour and celebrate these fleets that continue to exemplify leadership in human resources.” Says Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada. “And, new this year, we commend our Top award recipients for going above and beyond”.  “The HR Leader of the year award had several nominations, and congratulations to Ken Cross as our inaugural recipient.”

Trucking HR Canada also released its popular “Drive to Excellence” annual report, which offers practical examples and tips that all employers in the industry can learn from. They cover ever-improving health and wellness programs that include a focus on mental health; several initiatives focused on the recruitment and retention of women, youth, and Indigenous peoples; a focus on effective communication and respect; and flexible work arrangements that support the retention of mature drivers.  The report will be included in the November issue of Today’s Trucking and available online November 1st.

Trucking HR Canada’s Top Fleet Employers Program is open to any Canadian fleet, and recognizes fleets that meet Trucking HR Canada’s standards of excellence in human resources for the trucking industry. The Top Fleet Employers Program has grown over the past three years, with a growing number of fleets applying.

If you think your fleet has what it takes to be a Top Fleet Employer, Trucking HR Canada encourages you to apply and join other fleets that shine a positive light on the trucking industry, and help showcase this industry as a great place to work.

Applications for 2017 will open November 1, 2016.

For more information on the Top Fleet Employers program, visit

Moving a 300ton Linkbelt to Colorado

In August of 2016 #teamtriton started a new project moving a 300 ton Linkbelt Crawler Crane from Pemberton, BC to Commerce City, CO. The challenge on this project was not the size or weights of the loads. The real problem was the location of the job site which was located north of Pemberton, BC. A remote, gravel, forest service road stretching over 50 miles.

The Loads:

The superstructure of the crane came in at 115,000 lbs and required a 10 axle double drop. With 8 step deck and 3 flat deck loads of counterweight and boom sections to go with it. The total weight of transported material exceeded 620,000 lbs.

The Challenge:

Disassembled and stored on the side of the forest service road is never where you want to hear your loads are!! But that’s where the Linkbelt was waiting. Meaning trucks were loading on an active forest service road that could only be closed for short periods of time throughout the day. There was no place to stage equipment after loading. Once loaded and out of the wilderness the much bigger challenge was — Move it and Deliver it in 7 days total from the start of loading. As the crane was required to be re-assembled and working in Colorado the following week.

The Solution:

Using our BC based local fleet who were familiar with the area, we positioned our trucks every morning in Pemberton, BC. Once there they were directed to site, as required, by the client each day. This ensured that unnecessary congestion and road issues were avoided from the very beginning.  The loads were brought back to our Chilliwack yard by the local fleet, where they were turned over to our North American Deck Division. (check them out here: The Deck Division managed the furtherance to Commerce City, CO. This was done to ensure that timelines were met, and the loads received in the correct order to accommodate our clients assembly needs.

The Result:

 All loads delivered on time and on budget, with one happy client.

We may not be the carrier for every object or every load, no carrier is. But when a project calls for a unique solution to meet your company’s needs, the team at Triton Transport are the ones to call. With the experience and diversity across all modes of transport our sales and project teams can handle just about anything thrown their way. No load and no project is too challenging to be solved.

Give one of our sales or project team members a call next time you have an opportunity, they can all be found here:


IMG_7836 Parts 1 Parts 2 Parts 3




It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated – Heavy Haul Logistics Company

Complicated Heavy Haul Moves require the right equipment and experience to get the delivery done safely, on time and on budget. Triton Transport’s heavy haul logistics professionals are skilled at hauling and transporting over-sized, over-weight, detailed pieces of expensive machinery, massive mining and construction vehicles in addition to industrial equipment to local and remote regions with difficult terrain or transportation conditions. Their years of road experience means the client can relax while the move is handled with care and attention to details.


From the moment clients connect with the sales department who will provide a detailed quote, to the moment when the client signs off on the delivery, Triton’s team of experts will provide top quality customer service and keep the client informed of all the steps along the way. When clients’ invest in Triton to move complicated heavy haul freight in Canada or North America, they can rest assured that the trusted staff will go above and beyond to fully understand all aspects involved to protect the valuable cargo every step of the way from tundra and mountains to ocean freight docks and city work sites or company yards.


When the route travelled, the item being hauled or a great number of items all need to arrive on site and on time provides a significant challenge from point A to point B, clients can trust that the trained, tested and certified drivers and crews who load and off load the haul will have the knowledge and experience to accomplish the successful move. With offices based out of Edmonton in Northern BC and Chilliwack in Southern BC, the range of deliveries includes all of continental North America. No matter if the transportation requires lengthy loads requiring extra-long chassis up to 80 feet and/or heavy haul freight up to 165,000 lbs of payload, Triton has and can moved it all.


Utilizing tandem and tri-drive tractors and multi-axle trailers including 7 to 13 axle chassis, Triton can provide a range of inspected and accredited, well maintained, fleet vehicles. If the angles and curves of the yard or road are a challenge, they will make use of the 32 – 48 wheeler steering dolly trailers to manipulate the tight corners and turns. Have a look at the photo gallery on our website of some of the complicated heavy haul freight we have moved for satisfied customers recently then give a call to our project management or sales dept for more information.


Oversize Load – What You Should Do When You See An Oversized Load On A Road Near You

Loads that might be considered oversize include trucks carrying construction machinery such as cranes, pre-built homes, containers, or construction elements like beams, generators or propellers.

Before seeing an oversize load, you may see a car or 4-wheel drive vehicle ahead, which is called a pilot vehicle, an escort car or a flag car. Its role is to warn drivers of the approach of an oversize load, evaluate the safety of the route and keep the truck driver informed of the road conditions ahead. The car will have flashing lights, flags and/or a sign to indicate that an oversized load is on its way.

Safety and consideration are the watchwords when sharing the road with oversize loads.

Be prepared

Upon seeing an escort car or the oversize load itself, be prepared to move over, slow down, and stop. A pilot vehicle may signal you to slow down or warn you to pull off the road.

Be patient

Many drivers grow impatient when their journey is slowed by oversize loads and/or when there are few passing opportunities. Stay safe by not taking unnecessary risks.

An oversize load may well require both lanes on roundabouts, so leave plenty of room for the truck to maneuver.

Be cautious

In addition to remembering that loaded trucks have a longer braking distance than cars, consider the potential gain, safety and legality of overtaking. Ask yourself how far it is to the next designated overtaking lane and consider the unusual length and/or width of the vehicle ahead.

If you decide to overtake, maintain a safe following distance, make sure that you have enough room to safely complete the maneuver, remember to indicate and check that no-one is trying to overtake YOU. Be prepared to retreat to your former position in the event of a miscalculation or an unexpected road event. If you cannot see the truck driver in their mirrors they are unable to see you.

Pull in when you can see the headlights of the oversize load in your rearview mirror.

Regular Light Maintenance

The Importance of Checking All Your Light Systems With Regular Light Maintenance

Light systems are vitally important to the maintenance of every truck. Without properly functioning light systems you run the risk of getting into serious trouble on the road. If you are unable to see the environment around you due to faulty lights, you could get into a major accident, injuring or killing yourself or others. Regular light maintenance on your truck and trailer is a mandatory practice in the transport industry.


Faulty light systems are also a problem when it comes to safety and regulation compliance. Trucks need to be lit up to be on the road, and if your light system suddenly fails, you could end up with a large fine, leading to lost time and money for you and your business.



Triton Transport Truck & Trailer Repair Shop

How can you avoid these issues? Instead of waiting for your lights to fail and dealing with emergency repairs, schedule regular light maintenance with the Triton Truck & Trailer Repair Shop. Regularly inspecting your light system will reveal issues that can be dealt with while they are still small, instead of waiting for larger problems to occur.


Having your light systems regularly inspected will save you money over the long run. Replacing and repairing aspects of your system on a non-emergent basis allows you and your truck repair team to have options instead of needing to scramble for a quick fix. It also ensures that you will not be surprised by a regulation or safety issue on the road, as you will have confidence that your lights are in good shape.


Regular light maintenance is just as important as any other inspection and repair work on your truck. Consider your light systems as integral as the engine – unless it is in good shape, you should not drive. Talk to one of the qualified mechanics at the Triton Transport Truck & Repair Shop about setting up a light system inspection and maintenance schedule.

What factors should you consider when selecting a large haul carrier?

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Large Haul Carrier

When you’re preparing to ship large and heavy equipment, they are many factors that you need to consider. We get asked these questions all the time, so we thought you would find it useful to know all that’s involved in our quoting process.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 11.16.34 PM

Heavy Haul Trucking Companies ship items that don’t fit on standard flatbed trailers; this type of freight is commonly referred to as Over-Dimensional or Over-Weight. Large Hauls require special considerations due to transportation regulations on size and weight restrictions. Shipping bulldozers, cranes, tractors, or other heavy industrial or farm equipment requires a specialized hauler.

The first step in shipping heavy equipment is to have accurate dimensions and weight that you can provide to the transporter. These can help the transporter determine the type of trailer needed, and if any special considerations need to be made. You can consult your owner’s manual for more information regarding your equipment’s specific dimensions and weight.

Once you have the dimensions, you can then consider your various heavy equipment shipping options. Your equipment may be towed, shipped on a flatbed, or it may require a special trailer. We often fabricate special equipment to suite specific loads. If your cargo requires International shipping as well, then presents a whole new set of decisions as well. Carefully research your options and choose one that will work for you.


Your next step is selecting a transportation company. Heavy equipment hauling can be a difficult task, and it is vitally important to choose a company that specializes in heavy haul loads.

Working with an experienced broker can help take some of the guesswork out of the shipping process, while working directly with a business or an owner/operator can allow you to be more involved in the process and can often result in more personalized service.

Before the day of the move, you will need to prepare your equipment for transportation. Take steps to make sure that your equipment will arrive safely and is prepared for any adverse weather and road conditions it may encounter in transit. You might need to make special preparations for overweight or oversized equipment. Work with your service provider to acquire all necessary permits for the day of the move.

What is the value of the piece of equipment to your shipping? All legal carriers are required to have a certain amount of insurance, but you may need to purchase more in order to be properly protected. When purchasing heavy equipment freight insurance, make sure you know what your policy covers and how to make a claim should the need arise.

Shipping heavy equipment does not have to be such a heavy burden. A little research and preparation can go a long way toward ensuring a smooth, trouble free shipping experience. It is important to select a carrier that is experienced in heavy haul freight. Triton has been moving heavy haul freight for over 20 years. We move hundreds of loads every year, and know what it takes to get the job done right, on time every time! Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Triton is the safest and most secure way to ship.

From facilities in Chilliwack BC and Edmonton, AB Triton Transport’s heavy haul fleet operates throughout Canada and the continental United States.

At Triton we are proud to operate one of the industries most modern fleets giving us the ability to meet your specific needs by putting together a configuration of equipment to match any load. From the most eco-friendly tractors on the road to having a wide range of modular, versatile trailers Triton Transport is prepared for just about any load.

We combine our experienced, skilled and safe operators with a modern, versatile fleet of equipment so that we can provide the most competitive, efficient and safe transportation solutions in the market. Our over the highway heavy haul fleet is capable of providing transportation solutions from standard legal freight to 165,000lbs pay load and can also haul supported loads up to 80’ long.

Contact Justin Cheverie to see what solutions we can provide.

For loads beyond these parameters please contact our Project Management division .