Why Heavy Truck Haul Takes a Specialized Company

heavy haul trucksWith facilities in Canada, Triton Transport provides specialty transportation throughout North America. In addition to short mobile equipment moves between job sites, the firm has years of experience performing multi-load international heavy haul projects.
Heavy haulers are often required to transport over-sized, overweight or over length equipment. Such specialized loads and equipment might include construction equipment, aircraft, boats, or cranes. It can be among the most precious of cargo and it takes specialist knowledge to be able to this efficiently, legally, and safely.

Large loads add to the complexity of any haul. Because of this, heavy haul trucking demands a level of specialization. Triton has the expertise of managers, dispatchers, owner/operators and drivers to handle clients’ extensive transportation needs safely, within budget and on time. Our expertise extends to heavy truck maintenance and repair with fully licensed welders, able to handle any fabricating needs in addition to custom truck rig ups.

Our growing fleet can be customized for each move. It takes an expert team to organize the permits, escorts and support that may be needed in each case. Years of experience means that we can do this to a schedule and without incident.

A specialist team such as ours is not only in the business of offering transportation but of providing transportation solutions. We can handle the demands of heavy haul and put together the right equipment and the right team for each job.

Looking after over-sized and specialized cargo requires specialist skills. When choosing a company for your specific heavy haul trucking needs in Canada and across the North America, look for a reliable team that understands all it means to be involved in specialty transportation.